Bloodbath – Unblessing the Purity

June 19, 2008 at 8:30 pm (Reviews) (, , )

Unblessing the Purity art

The arrival of Bloodbath’s latest four-track EP seemed to surprise everyone. In January of 2008 Bloodbath released a press release stating that Per Eriksson had joined on guitar, and Opeth’s Mikael Åkerfeldt had re-joined the band after departing in 2003. In February 2008 the band released the cover art and tracklisting for Unblessing the Purity. And by now, mid-March of 2008, the EP has been circulating for days.

Unblessing the Purity‘s production immediately grabs your attention. It retains an intense thickness, with clearly and brightly triggered kick drums, an absolutely massive guitar and bass distortion sound, while remaining very cohesive. Åkerfeld’ts voice sounds horrific. Deep, wet, thick and commanding, every time he vocalizes he steals the show. Mikael has written some fantastic vocal patterns for these songs.

No longer an early Swedish DM tribute band, Bloodbath have evolved into modern death metal in its most commendable form. The guitar riffs are catchy, harmonized, and intense, without the muddy bassy “sunlight studio” quality emulated on Bloodbath’s first two releases. Martin Axenrot provides some very interesting cymbal and double bass work. When “Axe” blasts, it sounds completely comfortable and perfectly timed, making the blast beats worthy of anticipation as opposed to sloppier players (ahem, Flo…) who you wish would just stop blasting.

Anders Nyström writes some excellent heavy low-end riffs, but the standout moment on this EP comes in the second song “Mouth of Empty Praise”. Anders releases a haunting and captivating lead at 56 seconds into the song that is guaranteed to grab your attention. It melds beautifully with the rhythm guitars, before melting back into an instantly likeable stop-go assault of a riff. Anders has written some great songs for Katatonia, but his melancholic and haunting leads at their most effective over the canvas of Bloodbath’s brutal death metal.

While all of the individual members made obvious contributions to the four songs on this EP, what’s most important is the overall effect. The songs feel completely cohesive, brilliantly structured, and are the perfect length. Much like Suffocation’s Despise the Sun, Bloodbath’s Unblessing the Purity is ideal at its length. While these four songs are stunning, it was a smart move to quit while they were ahead. The end result is a mouth-watering taste of modern Swedish brutality. If you think the EP is too short, just put it on repeat… you’ll be “Blasting the Virginborn” for hours!

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