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June 19, 2008 at 5:56 pm (Links) (, , , )

  • Metal archives:

Metal Archives
This is the number one site on the web for band information. I doubt there’s a metalhead out there who hasn’t used this site, in fact if they’re anything like me they use it daily. If you ever can’t quite remember what label released an album, what year it came out, what the band’s line up was, or any other trivia, check here first. Metal archives also has reviews for albums, the album art, band logos, etc.

  • (Previously known as audioscrobbler):

Last FM
Much like “google”, “scrobble” is a made-up word that has found its way into the lexicon of internet nerds worldwide. LastFM works like this: you install a plugin to iTunes or Winamp, and everytime you listen to a song it gets scrobbled to your profile on the LastFM website. Every Sunday LastFM releases your charts, showing your most played artists, songs, etc. These charts can be embedded as images to blogs,forums, etc, and are a way of showing off your mp3 collection as well as your personal taste. LastFM also offers links to Youtube videos of bands, pictures, discussion boards, and more. By browsing your musical “neighbors” you can generally find bands that you’ve never heard, and are likely to enjoy.

  • Blabbermouth:

Blabbermouth metal news
The CNN of metal news. Blabbermouth is updated constantly, but features some bias. Roadrunner Records runs Blabbermouth, so expect a lot of articles about Dave Mustaine, Opeth, and other Roadrunner bands. They do a lot of news on mainstream bands but plenty of smaller bands get articles too. I have this site set as my homepage, so everytime I start Mozilla, I get an update on the music world. Blabbermouth is also equally famous for their comment system. News articles get vicious replies and heated debates start in many of the postings.

  • Soulkiller Webzine:

A primitive version of Blabbermouth. Not a check-daily site, but they post some news you don’t always see on Blabbermouth.

  • All CD cover, tray, booklet scans

AllCD covers
A great site that has hi-res scans of CD and DVD covers, inlay trays and back covers. This site covers all genres of music, not just extreme metal. Very useful for looking at out of print CD inlays and for saving the images, incase you want to use some as a slide show screensaver or as desktop backgrounds.

  • More metal CD scans Wallpaper
This is a more basic site, but it still has some great hi-res scans of some of the best art out there.


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