Name that metal riff, version 1

September 30, 2008 at 3:32 pm (Name that riff) (, , )

Hey everyone.

I love to hear from readers, but I think that reviews and interviews don’t lend themselves much to feedback. So, I decided to do a “Name that metal riff” game for you! I created a Youtube account just for this, so if I get a lot of feedback and you all want more, I would be happy to do more videos.

These get progressively harder! Good luck, I bet most metal fans would be able to get a few. Only the TRUE can get all seven!! Leave a comment and let me know what you thought. Guesses, technical advice (My picking hand looks strange!), insults, whatever you want. The whole point of this is to hear from you.

EDIT: As of October 1st, 2008 we have a partial winner. Silence got six of seven right. Hats off to him or her, so if you’re stumped you can scroll down for the correct answers. If you want hints, I put some hints for the only remaining mystery: Riff 6.

Have fun!



  1. Steve said,

    Out of the Body was the only one I knew…. lol….

  2. transientwriting said,

    Right, Riff 3 is Pestilence’s classic “Out of the Body”

    Good old Van Drunen.

  3. Silence said,

    Riff 1: At the Gates – Cold
    Riff 2: Disincarnate – Stench of Paradise Burning
    Riff 3: Pestilence – Out of the Body
    Riff 4: Death – Genetic Reconstruction
    Riff 5: Demilich – The Echo
    Riff 6: sounds like Malevolent Creation – Homicidal Rant, not sure though
    Riff 7: Desultory – Left Behind

    pretty fun idea, I’d like to see more of these

  4. transientwriting said,

    Wow! You’re the first person (that isn’t a friend with an identical music collection) to get more than a few right. You’re missing number five. I’m a huge Malevolent Fan, but the riff you’re thinking of goes a little differently.

    Can I ask how you came across the blog? I can’t imagine many people are searching google for ‘Name that metal riff’

    Here are three hints for Riff 6:
    Dan Seagrave did the cover art for the album it is from
    It’s an instrumental song
    They are from Scandinavia

  5. Silence said,

    I post at smn under the same name and I came across the link in your sig and decided to check it out.

    As for that sixth riff, I’m still stumped haha, I’m a pretty big old school DM nerd but this one just leaves me blank. Sounds really cool though.

  6. transientwriting said,

    I won’t give it away yet….someone should be able to get it. If it goes unknown for more than a week I will post the correct answer…

  7. Pete said,

    I think it’s “The Pub with No Beer,” but I couldn’t say for sure.

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