Name that riff, Version 2

October 6, 2008 at 6:18 pm (Name that riff) (, , )

You guys did pretty well with the first one, and I had a lot of fun making it. I raised the difficulty level this time, so let’s see if you all can keep up! Comment with any or all of the riffs and I’ll let you know if you’ve got it or not. If you have any other comments or questions, let me know, I love to hear from you!

Edit: This is turning into a real group effort! Was this too hard? Check the comments to see the guesses and my response….Still no takers for Riff 7!



  1. Kevin said,

    Riff 1 sounds like something I wrote

    Riff 2 is “Extreme Unction” (Necrophagist)

    Riff 3 no idea

    Riff 4 “Godhead’s Lament” (Opeth)

    Riff 5 sounds so fucking familiar

    Riff 6 no idea

    Riff 7 is too obscure lol

  2. Silence said,

    Riff 3: Disavowed – Rhizome?
    Riff 4: Opeth – Godhead’s Lament
    Riff 5: Spawn of Posession – Dead and Grotesque

    That’s pretty much all I know for this one haha.

  3. transientwriting said,

    You guys are fast!

    I’m glad i stumped you though, Silence. You have proved a worthy foe, and one day I will produce a video with riffs so obscure you’ll get NONE!


    The riff you weren’t getting last time was Dismember – “Time Heals Nothing”

  4. robert said,

    I’m guessing riff 6 is Monstrosity’s “The Angels Venom”?

  5. transientwriting said,

    Nope! You’re in the right country, and it IS old school death metal….

  6. stabwound said,

    Riff 1: Dissection – Storm of the Lights Bane

  7. transientwriting said,

    Absolutely, love that riff. The solo is great, too

  8. sakaali said,

    6. Brutality – When the Sky Turns Black

  9. transientwriting said,

    Right you are, I figured that riff out myself!

  10. asdfasdf said,

    1 – Dissection – Retribution: Storm Of The Light’s bane

  11. transientwriting said,

    You’re right, though you don’t need to hide your info!

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