Interview with Defeated Sanity’s Lille Gruber

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Defeated Sanity have been making waves in the metal community for a few years now, though they remain surprisingly underground. Even so, backed by a rabid diehard fanbase they were able to recently tour the United States and even played a slot at the famous Maryland Death Fest in May of 2008. I had the pleasure of meeting the band at MDF and their set was far and away one of the heaviest live sets I’ve ever seen. I thought it’d be a good idea to check in with Lille, the band’s drummer (though he composes on guitar as well), about the status of the new album, his experience in the United States, and more.

First of all, thanks a lot for doing this interview. How’s it going?

I am doing fine here, we are writing new material for the next album and we will be ready soon.

How is the search for a new vocalist coming along? Are you trying out all styles, or are you aiming for one particular sound?

It is very hard ’cause we wanna find the perfect guy this time around. We need someone who is extremely deep and powerful, and at the same time able to understand the really complex material with all its time signature changes and stuff. Also, we definitely wanna keep singing lyrics.

We don’t want screams in our music anymore, just guttural vox!

Realistically, when do you expect to release a new album?

We hope to be done with the songwriting process in January. Then begin finishing the lyrics and everything. If everything goes right, we can use the summer holidays for our studio sessions and release the album in late ’09.

How many new songs do you have written for the new album? Will the Promo 2007 tracks be on it?

The promo tracks will of course be part of the album. We have about 4 more songs finished or in the stage of being 95% finished right now. Just gotta show them to all the band members still. Other than those 7, we have beginnings for 2 more songs, one of them being the first one that Chris wrote mainly and the other one is the first that Jacob contributed to.

Do you have any new merchandise plans? What are you selling right now?

We wanna probably let fans on our forum vote for the next design we wanna print. This way we can make sure to satisfy most of our fans. Right now we’ve only got our Exorcised to Death hoodies left. We will soon print new stuff, though.

Lille Gruber

Lille Gruber

You toured the USA in early summer. Was that your first time in the States? What did you like? What did you dislike?

This was our first tour in the USA. I loved the hospitality from all the bands and fans that we met, as well as the many many great acts we got to play with. If there would be something I disliked, I gotta say it was all the violence and cop bullshit at MDF. We don’t have that much of that here in Europe. Here people can even drink on the streets and no one cares about it. (Defeated Sanity, and other bands, got a hard time on several occasions from Baltimore police about open container laws, and had their belongings searched -Transient)
By the way, you guys don’t know what bread is…..period! Haha.

Do you enjoy touring? Do you have plans to tour the USA or Europe again at any point?

We love touring and we feel that we haven’t even started with this stuff. To be honest, this was our first tour that was longer than 4 dates in a row. Right now nothing is planned but we would love to tour in the both continents, especially if the financial thing would go better than last time. Right now we are losing a lot of money through touring because we can’t make the money that we normally make at home at the same time.

What is the writing process like for Defeated Sanity? What instruments do you compose fastest on?

Every song is written on the guitar of course. Sometimes I come up with a rhythm and we transfer it to the guitar. Our songs are written with more care than 95% of the other bands around. We combine a shitload of riffs with each other before we actually decide on one connection of riffs. If that one part fits jut “ok” to the other one, we will look for something else. Sometimes I think that I am going insane doubting myself. It is really torturous sometimes. You walk through the streets and think through songs and try to find a solution. Then sometimes you think you have one but one day later you get disappointed again. Everywhere I go I’ve got those songs in my head.

What song was the hardest to learn yourself, or instruct the other band members?

I have a feeling with each song it’s getting harder. “Salacious Affinity” was a pain in the ass to write. Luckily, I got Chris to help me with riffs and inspiration. Hmmmm, one song I am thinking about being a pain in the ass to instruct was “Butchered Identity.” There is a hilarious tape of me and Wolfgang bitching at each other and trying to play the song for the first time that’s 45 minutes long.

Will the new album have any changes in direction? An acoustic intro, longer songs, anything we don’t expect?

I think one thing people didn’t expect was a song like “Engulfed in Excruciation.” That is like the one extreme of the record and there will be another extreme on the contrary side. There will probably be one thing that is not really common for brutal death which will have something in common with Malevolent Creation’s Ten Commandments and Megadeth’s So Far, So Good, So What?. You guess what it is…

(I’m not sure myself, my guess is a slow intro song? Or a singer with a real drug problem? -Transient)

How do you plan on recording the new album, live-in-the-studio ala Psalms… or more deliberate and clean ala Prelude…?

We have not decided yet, but we will definitely need a more clean production again. I am sick of no one being able to to hear what we really write. Guitar sound wise we wanna get maybe a mix of Prelude to the Tragedy and the Promo 07.

Do you have artwork for the new album? New song titles?

We don’t have artwork yet, but an idea and concept for the whole album. Don’t wanna reveal more song titles yet.

How important are lessons to someone learning an instrument?

Hmmm some people may not need them. When I see what a piece of cake it is to show Jacob a song in like two rehearsals, I gotta say it can’t harm anyone to know about theory. And now that we are trying out singers that mostly have little or no theoretical knowledge….it is hard to show those vocal lines to someone without the language of counting 1-2-3-4 or 12345671234567, etc. . .it’s hard to find words for that. On the contrary side there is Chris who doesn’t know shit about theory and he certainly gets the music. Passion is the most important thing, if you wanna understand something you will eventually.

When you’re on stage its great to see people moshing and enjoying the show, but when you’re in the audience do moshers bug you?

Moshers bugged the shit out of me when I wanted to see Disgorge one time. I was in the first row and every 2 seconds someone wanted to stagedive and put his combat boots in my face! I don’t mind headbanging though, it rules!

What’s more painful to watch, someone trying to air drum to your songs or those guys in the front row that wiggle their fingers in the air when a guitarist plays a lead?

Haha, you mean the Frank Mullen thing? I don’t care, I don’t look into the audience a lot anyways. I care more for good applause/screaming.


Erosion of Sanity or Retribution?


Would you rather have your next album sound like Stillborn or Breeding the Spawn?

Tough one. Stillborn has at least some punch to it but it’s too trebly. Since I love dark sounding shit, I gotta go with Breeding then.

Alex Marquez or Alex Hernandez?

Marquez is the lord! Fallen Christ ruled though.

Gebäck or Strudel?


Copremesis or Immolation? Remember…Paulo‘s reading this….

Old Immolation wins, new Immolation loses…

Desert island top 3 picks:

Disgorge – Consume the Forsaken
Bach stuff
Confessor – Condemned
…Too hard though!

Fearless Vampire Killers
The Shining

Haha I don’t ever read

Thanks for the interview!


Official Myspace (with merchandise!)

Official Website


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